Eco & Vegan friendly companies

I have been vegan for 4 years. 
Care about climate change and use less plastic in my life. I know the audience in your niche because I am your potential client. I know exactly what you need. 
Third wave coffee shops

I am coffee lover. 
If you start your business with your own roasting coffee - be sure I will be your biggest fan. We will create a lovely place with a unique vibe.
Personal brand for health/sport/beauty specialists

I know how to build a strong personal brand for specialists helping people become healthier and more beautiful.  I will give you detailed plan and support you while your personal brand will grow.
NGOs who supporting Ukraine

Also, I am Ukrainian
I appreciate all who support the Ukrainian people. If it's you and you need a design - I do it the best way, and you don't need to fill any brief. I know all the right words in both languages
I enjoy talking to my clients and sharing helpful content. 
 follow me on social media and keep in touch!
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